The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama consistently promotes the community, its membership and its activities through various electronic and printed publications.

Member News Weekly

The Chamber disseminates a weekly email to the membership that highlights all of its upcoming activities as well as timely and relevant news about its members. All employees of Chamber-member businesses and organizations are encouraged to join the email distribution list (Click Here). This is the ideal way to stay connected with all of the exciting happenings of the Chamber and community!

Community Guide and Membership Directory

The Chamber publishes an annual Community Guide that gives a snapshot of the major aspects of living, working and enjoying the West Alabama area. Included with the Community Guide is both an alphabetized and categorized directory of the Chamber's membership. Click on the page below to view the entire directory.

Rising Tide Business Journal

In partnership with Alliance Publishing, LLC, the Chamber publishes a magazine-style business journal entitled Rising Tide. Regular content includes updates on local economic development projects and community development initiatives, highlights from special Chamber events, a detailed listing of new members and more. Rising Tide is produced quarterly and mailed to members, as well as distributed at select Chamber events. Visit the Chamber to pick up a copy.

Current Issue

Past Issues



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