2008 Tuscaloosa County Civic Hall of Fame honorees:

Josephine Camp Davis (1937-present)

One of Tuscaloosa's most active civic and volunteer leaders, Josephine Davis has dedicated most of adult life serving the needs of citizens throughout the community in a variety of roles. She has contributed in significant ways to The ARC, DCH, First United Methodist Church, Tuscaloosa Public Library, Junior League, Bryce Hospital, Boys and Girls Clubs, and a host of other volunteer service organizations. She has been dedicated to doing her "civic duty", often quietly, for many years, earning deserved honors including Volunteer of the Year for multiple organizations, including United Way, The ARC of Tuscaloosa and Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society and the Distinguished Alumna of the Year of the University of Alabama's National Alumni Association.

Myrtle Edwards Gray(1914-2013)

One of Tuscaloosa County's most active civic, educational and volunteer leaders, Star Bloom has dedicated most of her adult life working to build quality education and meet social needs within the community. She has made a significant contribution through a broad array of civic, educational and community roles and organizations, including Tuscaloosa County High School Foundation, Challenge 21, The University of Alabama's Integrated Science Program and the Co-Director of The University's Center For Communications and Educational Technology, Baby Talk, as a founding member of Tuscaloosa's One Place, and a host of other meaningful leadership roles.

Sarah Ella Haughton Rodgers (1907-1998)

A respected educator at The University of Alabama for over 41 years, Sarah Ella Rodgers had a significant and long-term impact on many facets of education and community life throughout her distinguished career. A professor of business statistics, Sarah Rodgers affected the lives of many young students at The University; and in 1981, the University's science and engineering library was named in honor of her and her husband, Dr. Eric Rodgers. An involved citizen, Sarah Rodgers contributed effectively to various organizations, including the Alabama Association For Crippled Children and Adults, West Alabama Rehab Center, Northport First United Methodist Church, West Alabama Health Planning Board, Tuscaloosa Community Council and many others. Honored on many occasions for her community service, she was a recipient of the Tuscaloosa County Citizen of the Year, Northport Citizen of the Year, and United Way Volunteer of the Year.

E. Roger Sayers (1936-present)

One of Alabama's most respected educators and community leaders, Roger Sayers served as President of The University of Alabama from 1989 - 1996. During his highly successful and distinguished career, he served in a variety of important leadership roles including Chairman of the College Football Association, Member of the President's Commission of the NCAA, Chairman of The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, and served as an officer and director of numerous other organizations including First Presbyterian Church, Challenge 21, Southeastern Conference, Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa, United Way of West Alabama, Black Warrior Council of the Boy Scouts, and many others. Honored on numerous occasions for his education and civic leadership in building "town-gown" partnerships, he is a member of the Alabama Academy of Honor and a recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and the Minnie Miles Endowed Excellence Award.

During a highly effective business career, Paul Singleton also made a lasting and significant impact on the Tuscaloosa for many years, with very little in the civic life of the community escaping his attention and involvement. For over 50 years, Paul Singleton worked at Central Foundry, starting as a clerk and working his way all the way up the ladder to General Manager. During his distinguished civic career, he served as the general chairman of Tuscaloosa's first United Fund (now United Way of West Alabama) campaign in 1954; served as a member of the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education; a long-time trustee of Holt Elementary School; and on the board of directors of numerous organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, YMCA, City National Bank and Tuscaloosa Rotary Club. Honored often for his many contributions, he was the 1957 recipient of the Tuscaloosa County Citizen of the Year.

Terry H. Waters (1949-present)

Any conversation about the civic leaders of today's Tuscaloosa area community would always include Terry Waters near the top of the list. Since his arrival in 1995, Terry Waters has been an engaged, effective business and community leader. Employed for over 36 years with Alabama Power Company, Terry Waters has contributed in significant and lasting ways to the economic development, workforce development and quality of life for the area along with directly contributing to numerous service-oriented initiatives. An active leader with numerous organizations, he has served as Chairman or President of many associations including The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority, Black Warrior Council of the Boy Scouts, Hospice of West Alabama, United Way of West Alabama, and many others. Honored on many occasions, he is a recipient of the Tuscaloosa County Citizen of the Year and one of only 3 people in the history of The Chamber of Commerce to be named as Member of the Year twice.