Diverse Business Council

In 2012, the Chamber launched the Minority Business Council, but recently change its name to the Diverse Business Council. Although its mission is to foster the growth and competitiveness of minority owned businesses in West Alabama, DBC provides inclusive programming that is beneficial to a diverse workforce. The DBC's objectives are:

  • Provide a network of support that will help advance minority businesses.
  • Strengthen minority owned businesses through strategic planning and effective leadership.
  • Address educational, financial and business concerns of minority owned businesses.
  • Facilitate workshops and other educational opportunities for entrepreneurs to improve business skills, enhance knowledge, training and seek funding sources.
  • Assist in encouraging relationships and partnerships with all businesses to ensure sustainability and success.
  • Build a minority prospect base to be used as a recruiting source to fill leadership roles within the Chamber and other civic organizations.
  • Empower minority owned businesses, utilizing resources from the Chamber and local government, to improve the local economy.

Carolyn Tubbs
Director of Education Programs
(205) 391-0556 | carolyn@westalabamachamber.com